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Opportunities for Scholars Studying Science, Technology, and the Arts

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The National Humanities Center welcomes applications from scholars engaged in the humanistic study of science, technology, and the arts.

Humanities and STEM disciplines are complementary, and, in fact, necessary to each other’s sustenance and application. Untethered from insights about human behavior, cultural differences, or regional histories, scientific research and the implementation of new technologies may cause greater harm than good. The arts, meanwhile, help us reimagine our greatest challenges and envision possible solutions. Recognizing the importance of this interdisciplinary exchange, the Center is pleased to offer dedicated residential fellowship opportunities to researchers exploring topics at the intersection of science, technology, or medicine and the arts.

Interdisciplinary scholarship is a hallmark of the National Humanities Center’s fellowship program, and we gladly welcome those whose research combines humanistic and scientific methods as well as those who study technological, scientific, and medical subjects through a humanistic lens.

Fellows at the Center are assigned private studies with 24-hour access to the Center’s facilities, enjoy meals prepared by the Center’s dining staff, and receive the support of the Center’s dedicated librarians. They may also take part in scholarly colloquia, reading groups, and social activities with other leading scholars from around the world. More information can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Applicants must meet the general eligibility requirements of the fellowship competition and may apply for a residential fellowship for the fall semester (September through December), spring semester (January through May), or academic year (September through May). Interested scholars must apply directly to the Center via our online system. Each year, the fellowship competition opens on July 1 and closes in early October. Please check the program page for details on the current competition deadline, as well as information regarding the Center’s online application, services, and support.