Work of the Fellows: Monographs

John R. Levison, Texts in Transition: The Greek “Life of Adam and Eve”

Levison, John R. (Fellow, 2000-01)

Atlanta, GA: Society of Biblical Literature, 2022

From the publisher's description:

This work presents the most important Greek manuscript witnesses of the Life of Adam and Eve, a popular Jewish pseudepigraphical text that has undergone christianization in its present forms. The synopticon initiates and facilitates comparisons of the Greek tradition with the other extant linguistic versions to a depth largely unexplored, and it permits identification and assessment of textual adaptations from the perspective of a single language. It makes a variety of relatively unfamiliar Greek texts available, and is a significant tool for assessing the Christian reception of Jewish texts. This synopticon will be used to complement prior studies, initiate future studies, make widely available relatively unfamiliar texts, and generate insights into the intertextual relationship between Judaism and Christianity.

Subjects: Literary Criticism; Textual Criticism; Biblical Scholarship; Christianity; Judaism;