: Monographs

Ecology, Climate, and Empire: Colonialism and Global Environmental History, 1400-1940

Grove, Richard H. (Fellow, 1995-96)

Cambridge, UK: White Horse Press, 1997

From the publisher's description:

This is a collection of essays showing that concerns about climate change are far from being a uniquely modern phenomenon. It traces the origins of environmental debates about soil erosion, deforestation, and climate change in the writings of early colonial administrators, doctors and missionaries. The author traces what is known and what can be inferred about El Nino events centuries before the devastating 1997/1998 effects. In a concluding essay he analyzes the general significance of marginal land and its ecology in the history of popular resistance movements.

Subjects: Environment and Nature; History; Environmental History; Human Ecology; Climate Change; Imperialism; Colonialism