Work of the Fellows: Monographs

Dignity and Practical Reason in Kant’s Moral Theory

Hill, Thomas E., Jr. (Fellow, 1982-83)

Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1992

From the publisher's description:

This book brings together eleven papers by Thomas Hill on Kantian ethics. Nine of the eleven deal quite directly with the exegesis of Kantian texts on moral philosophy or the critical exposition of parts of Kantian moral theory. The tenth attempts to apply Kantian theory to a particularly difficult moral problem of a kind it has often been thought Kantian ethics could not handle: how to deal with terrorism and to make the kinds of life and death decisions this sometimes involves. The final paper, "Kantian Constructivism in Ethics," is about Rawls as much as Kant, and reflects on the affinities between Rawls's "constructivist" project in ethics and the Kantian roots of Rawls's theory.

Subjects: Philosophy; Constructivism; Ethics; Human Dignity; Morality; Moral Philosophy; Practical Reason