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Colonial Latin America: A Documentary History

Edited by Kenneth Mills (NHC Fellow, 1995–96), William B. Taylor, and Sandra Lauderdale Graham

Colonialism; Spanish Occupation of Latin America; Political Economy; Political Culture; Primary Sources; People's History

Wilmington, DE: Scholarly Resources, 2002

From the publisher’s description:

Colonial Latin America: A Documentary History is a sourcebook of primary texts and images intended for students and teachers as well as for scholars and general readers. The book centers upon people-people from different parts of the world who came together to form societies by chance and by design in the years after 1492.

This text is designed to encourage a detailed exploration of the cultural development of colonial Latin America through a wide variety of documents and visual materials, most of which have been translated and presented originally for this collection.

Colonial Latin America: A Documentary History is a revision of SR Books' popular Colonial Spanish America. The new edition welcomes a third co-editor and, most significantly, embraces Portuguese and Brazilian materials. Other fundamental changes include new documents from Spanish South America, the addition of some key color images, plus six reference maps, and a decision to concentrate entirely upon primary sources.

The book is meant to enrich, not repeat, the work of existing texts on this period, and its use of primary sources to focus upon people makes it stand out from other books that have concentrated on the political and economic aspects. The book's illustrations and documents are accompanied by introductions which provide context and invite discussion.

History / Colonialism / Spanish Occupation of Latin America / Political Economy / Political Culture / Primary Sources / People's History /

Mills, Kenneth (NHC Fellow, 1995–96), ed. Colonial Latin America: A Documentary History. Edited by Kenneth Mills, William B. Taylor, and Sandra Lauderdale Graham. Wilmington, DE: Scholarly Resources, 2002.