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Podcasting the Humanities: Creating Digital Stories for the Public | Participants

San Diego State Universityin partnership with the Digital Humanities Center, San Diego State University

National Humanities Center Virtual Institute for Graduate Students

Session 1: December 14–18, 2020 | Session 2: January 11–15, 2021

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Session 2: January 11–15, 2021

We are pleased to welcome this year’s cohort. Each participant was nominated based on their interest and expertise in teaching and learning in the undergraduate classroom. They represent a range of disciplines and stages in their PhD programs. In addition to professional growth, participants will develop strong interdisciplinary networks to support their research and careers.

  • Sarah Atkinson

    Italian Studies, Yale University

  • Kylie Broderick

    History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Nuala Phroinséas Caomhánach

    History, New York University

  • Kathryn B. Carpenter

    History of Science, Princeton University

  • Hin Ming Frankie Chik

    School of International Letters and Cultures, Arizona State University

  • Katherine Churchill

    English, University of Virginia

  • Kate Clairmont

    English, Princeton University

  • Kristofer Coffman

    Classical and Near Eastern Studies, University of Minnesota

  • Lucia Colombari

    Art, University of Virginia

  • Alliya Dagman

    English, New York University

  • Brigitte Dale

    History, Yale University

  • Patrick Shane Derdall

    Religious Studies, University of Virginia

  • Clio Doyle

    English and Renaissance Studies, Yale University

  • Grace East

    Anthropology, University of Virginia

  • Zachary I. Easterling

    Performance Studies, New York University

  • Johnathan Favini

    Anthropology, University of Virginia

  • David R. Ferris

    Philosophy, Emory University, Laney Graduate School

  • Kathie Foley-Meyer

    Visual Studies, University of California, Irvine

  • Nouha Gammar

    French, University of Virginia

  • Emmaia Gelman

    Social & Cultural Analysis and American Studies, New York University

  • Maria-Jose Gutierrez

    Spanish and Portuguese, University of California, Davis

  • Junyi Han

    History, Yale University

  • Anna Hill

    English, Yale University

  • Erin Jordan

    Anthropology, University of Virginia

  • Jennifer Judge

    Philosophy, New York University

  • Halima Kazem-Stojanovic

    Feminist Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz

  • Génesis Lara

    History, University of California, Davis

  • Narin Loa

    English, Arizona State University

  • Shelby Lohr

    History, Princeton University

  • Madelaine Matej MacQueen

    Music, Case Western Reserve University

  • Matthew Martello

    English, University of Virginia

  • Şehrazat G. Mart

    Sociology and Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame

  • Adam Xavier McNeil

    History, Rutgers University

  • Elizabeth Narvaez

    Religious Studies, University of Virginia

  • Jeffrey Niedermaier

    East Asian Languages & Literatures, Yale University

  • Dana Omirova

    English, Rutgers University–New Brunswick

  • Maxwell Pingeon

    Religious Studies, University of Virginia

  • Kristin Predeck

    German, University of California, Davis

  • Bridget Reilly

    English, University of Virginia

  • Irina Simova

    Comparative Literature, Princeton University

  • Shelby Sinclair

    History, African American Studies, Princeton University

  • Tarushi Sonthalia

    English, University of Virginia

  • Kimberly Stahler

    History, Case Western Reserve University

  • Joshua Strayhorn

    History, Duke University

  • Christina M. Thomas

    Native American Studies, University of California, Davis

  • Aron Tillema

    Religious Studies, University of California, Davis

  • Cyrah Ward

    MFA Candidate, University of Maryland College Park

  • Isabelle Williams

    Culture and Theory, University of California, Irvine

  • Colleen E. Winkelman

    Anthropology, University of Virginia

  • Maya Zaynetdinova

    Global Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara

  • Hannah Zinn

    History, University of Oklahoma