Passionate Teaching in the Research Environment | Speakers

July 13–17, 2020 at the National Humanities Center


These scholars, master educators, and technology experts will be leading Passionate Teaching in the Research Environment: How to Create Meaningful Online Learning Experiences.
  • Candace Bailey

    Candace Bailey

    North Carolina Central University; NHC Fellow 2019–20

  • Rhae Lynn Barnes

    Rhae Lynn Barnes

    Princeton University

  • Christine Baron

    Christine Baron

    Teachers College, Columbia University

  • Nora Benedict

    Nora Benedict

    University of Georgia

  • Matthew Booker

    Matthew Booker

    North Carolina State University; NHC Fellow 2016–17

  • Chris Bunin

    Chris Bunin

    Virginia Geographic Alliance

  • Kathleen Burns

    Kathleen Burns

    Curator, NHC Humanities Moments Project

  • Elaine Carey

    Elaine Carey

    Purdue University Northwest

  • Marlene Daut

    Marlene Daut

    University of Virginia

  • Marilyn McHugh Drath

    Marilyn McHugh Drath

    North Carolina State University

  • Jennifer Brammer Elliott

    Jennifer Brammer Elliott

    North Carolina State University

  • Kayla Forrest

    Kayla Forrest

    University of North Carolina at Greensboro

  • Leigh Hall

    Leigh Hall

    University of Wyoming

  • Jim Harper

    Jim Harper

    North Carolina Central University

  • Tina Heafner

    Tina Heafner

    University of North Carolina at Charlotte

  • Tanya Joosten

    Tanya Joosten

    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

  • Jacqueline Kellish

    Jacqueline Kellish

    Curator, NHC Humanities Moments Project

  • Sara Layton

    Sara Layton

    English teacher, Mountain Heights Academy; Consultant, ISKME

  • Jane O. Newman

    Jane O. Newman

    University of California, Irvine; NHC Fellow 2015-16

  • Robert D. Newman

    Robert D. Newman

    President and Director, National Humanities Center

  • Justin Williams

    Justin Olmstead

    University of Central Oklahoma

  • Alex Oxner

    Alex Oxner

    University of Notre Dame

  • Carly Schnitzler

    Carly Schnitzler

    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Yohuru Williams

    Yohuru Williams

    Founding Director of the New Racial Justice Initiative, St. Thomas

  • Anne-Marie Womack

    Anne-Marie Womack

    Tulane University