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How Will Students Learn to Write Now That We Have ChatGPT?

Teaching; Writing Instruction; Writing; Students; Teachers; Artificial Intelligence

Sarah R. Levine (Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Education, Stanford University)

December 14, 2023

Advisor: Kurt Charles Hargis, NHC Teacher Advisory Council

As ChatGPT enters the classroom, so do many questions about what it is, how students and teachers can use it, and how it will change education. In this webinar, we’ll explore how teachers and students use ChatGPT in their middle and high school writing classrooms. First, we’ll look at ongoing classroom research on students’ writing with and without ChatGPT to answer questions like: What kinds of help do student writers want from ChatGPT? When do students reject ChatGPT’s suggestions? How does their individual writing compare with their ChatGPT-assisted writing?

Then, Dr. Levine will share ways that teachers use ChatGPT to teach writing. Because ChatGPT can quickly produce a range of examples of different kinds of texts, it can act as a kind of example machine. We will look at how teachers use this example machine to help students understand underlying principles of composition and to learn more about their own writing style, structure, and rhetorical power. Finally, we will highlight your questions and ideas about AI, ChatGPT, and the future of writing instruction.

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