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Upcoming Public Appearances by NHC President Robert D. Newman

September 26, 2016

Robert D. Newman, president and director of the National Humanities Center, will be giving talks and appearing in public forums throughout the fall of 2016 in venues from Charlottesville to Shanghai. Below is a partial list of his planned appearances. Please check back as this list is updated.

September 15, 2016: Charlottesville, VA

“Public Humanities: 50 Years and Counting,” a roundtable discussion at Human/Ties, a celebration for the fiftieth anniversary of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

September 29​, 2016: Wilson Humanities and Fine Arts Center, Wilmington, NC

​“Why the Humanities Are Important for a Democracy,” ​​a town ​h​all meeting, cosponsored with UNC Program in Humanities and Human Values​ and Cape Fear Community College.

October 5​, 2016: North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC​

Rage and Beauty: Celebrating Complexity, Democracy and the Humanities

October 25, 2016: Beijing, China

Public Lecture at Tsinghua University

October 27, 2016: Shanghai, China

Public Lecture at Fudan University

November 1, 2016: Taipei, Taiwan

Public Lecture at National Taiwan University

November 10–13​, 2016: ​​​Salt Lake City, UT

Panel on “State Councils, National Institutions, and Nurturing the Next Generation of Public Humanists” and Workshop ​on Public Humanities at the 2016 National Humanities Conference.

December 13​, 2016: Washington, DC

Focus Group on Evaluative Criteria for Advanced Research in the Humanities​ at the American Historical Association. Participants include: American Academy of Arts and Sciences​, ​American Council of Learned Societies​, ​American Historical Association​, ​Lumina Foundation​, ​MacArthur Foundation​, ​Andrew W. Mellon Foundation​, ​National Endowment for the Humanities​, ​National Humanities Center​, ​Social Science Research Council​, ​Stanford Humanities Center​, ​University of California Humanities Research Institute​.