On Exhibit

Textiles in Tiers: Selected Works from Sandy Milroy, Trudy Thomson, and Rose Warner

December 1, 2016

January 9 – May 25, 2017

Artists’ Reception: Sunday, January 29 from 2:00–3:30 p.m.

“Textiles in Tiers” showcases the work of Chapel Hill artists Sandy Milroy, Trudy Thomson, and Rose Warner. Using a mix of materials and a variety of techniques, these three artists create colorful, textured pieces that captivate and intrigue. And, while each artist’s works speak to their distinctive vision and approach, it is quickly apparent that they share a vernacular and a keen attention to bold expressions built on layers of intricate detail.

Sandy Milroy, Patchwork Prairie
Sandy Milroy, “Patchwork Prairie”

Trudy Thomson, Sandstone Diptych
Trudy Thomson, “Sandstone Diptych”

Rose Warner, Trails of Blue and Yellow
Rose Warner, “Trails of Blue and Yellow”