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Bill and Jean Anne Leuchtenburg Celebrate Forty Years Together at the Center

November 20, 2018

William and Jean Anne Leuchtenburg
William and Jean Anne Leuchtenburg

Over the past four decades, Center lunches have offered a wonderful occasion for those who love the humanities to meet and discover their shared passions, and it’s not uncommon for those kindred spirits to form deep and lasting relationships. Probably none, though, can match William and Jean Anne Leuchtenburg, who met and fell in love at the Center forty years ago when he was a Fellow and she was a new member of the Center staff.
On November 14th, Bill and Jean Anne returned to the Center to celebrate the anniversary of their first encounter, this time with candlelight and roses. Over lunch, the pair recounted memories of their first meeting for Fellows and staff and shared stories about their relationship and their collaborations from the past forty years.