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John Corrigan, “Religious Toleration in America”

March 21, 2016

Americans have long pictured themselves as all but free of religious intolerance and have difficulty coming to terms with the kinds of religious conflict and violence that occur in other parts of the world. In this podcast, host Richard Schramm talks with John Corrigan about America’s often forgotten history of religious intolerance despite our ideals and how that history has been all but lost. Their conversation also offers a preview of an NHC webinar, “Religious Freedom and Religious Intolerance in America,” which took place on Thursday, March 24, 2016.

John Corrigan
John Corrigan, Florida State University, NHC Fellow 2014–15
John Corrigan is the Lucius Moody Bristol Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies and Professor of History at Florida State University where his research focuses on American religious history, religion and emotion, religious intolerance, and the spatial humanities. He is the author or editor of over twenty books on these topics including, most recently, The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Emotion, ed. (2008); Religious Intolerance in America: A Documentary History, with Lynn Neal (2010); and Emptiness: Feeling Christian in America (2015). He was a Fellow at the National Humanities Center in 2014–15.