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The Best Motivational Token

July 17, 2020

Melanie (Psychology Major)

Families; Gifts; Emotions;

It was a late night on September 14th, and school was at an overwhelming high. My new organization had just kicked off so all of my time was completely taken over by it, I was behind on my chemistry homework and I hadn’t even began studying for my psychology test that was the following day. I felt like I was about to break into a million minuscule pieces, and I felt so emotionally drained that I was putting my loved ones on hold.

I was avoiding the text messages on my phone to avoid further distraction and more procrastination, but after a sufficient amount of time I decided I earned a break long enough to read what they said. I saw I had a message from my mom, but before I read it I remembered she told me a few days ago that I had a package coming on the 13th. Assuming that’s what her text was about, I went outside to check the mail at midnight. Inside the package was one of my mom’s classic gifts, a cheesy desk decorations with a quote of some sort on it. She always gave me these, but this time it hit my heart much deeper. It read, “You Make My Heart Happy.” Tears flooded my eyes instantly. In that exact moment, this little wooden piece of cheesy decor fulfilled the void in my heart in the utmost way I needed. A kind reminder that I am valued, which I knew would help me power through this rough patch of the semester.
Astonished by this powerful moment, I immediately begin to text to tell my boyfriend, who also loves moments like these, which I call “God Moments.” But to my surprise, and further heart-filled satisfaction, I already had a text waiting from him that said, “Keep a smile on that face, you brighten the world with it.” Another reminder. It was as if everything aligned in my life in that sweet moment and I just let out a much needed cry and counted my blessings. Who knew this tacky little piece of art would trigger this exponential amount of needed love?


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