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The Beginning of Something Brilliant

July 17, 2020

El-Amin, Lincoln (English Major, Texas A&M University)

Social Media; Discrimination;

The Glasscock Summer Scholars programs is a project that falls in the realm of the humanities. Specifically, my project deals with social psychology. So in the summer, after attending a two week seminar on marginalized groups and individuals, it was time to decide what my topic would be on. On that day, I met Gabe Miller, a sociology grad student, who signed up to help me along with my advisor, Dr. Adrienne Carter-Sowell. So we brainstormed a bunch of ideas and started narrowing down topics.

We settled on seeing if social media sites can be used as a coping mechanism for African Americans who are racially discriminated against in order to protect their mental health. The process of coming to this topic was great! It was the first time that I really put what I had learned in that two week seminar to practical use which was exciting since social psychology is not my area of expertise. In that moment I knew that we had found something special. Several months later, we are now nearing the end of this thesis journey and it all started with that brainstorming session.


Sociology / Psychology / Social Media / Discrimination /

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