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Redefining Patriotism and Environmental Justice in Costa Rica

July 17, 2020

Tolpinrud, Randall (President, Pax Natura Foundation)

Patriotism; Environmental Conservation; Environmental Justice; Natural Resource Management; Legislation;

Randall Tolpinrud describes an extraordinary experience during a trip to Costa Rica to film a documentary series with the BBC in 1998. At a celebration to commemorate the passing of the Biodiversity Act, which protects and promotes the environment and endangered species within the country, a spontaneous outpouring of national pride caused him to reconsider the very idea of patriotism.

Curator’s note: For a closer look at the ways in which Tolpinrud and the Pax Natura Foundation have supported conservation efforts in Costa Rica, see this documentary footage.


Environment and Nature / Patriotism / Environmental Conservation / Environmental Justice / Natural Resource Management / Legislation /

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