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Executive Order 9066

July 17, 2020

Takei, George (Actor, Author, Director, Activist)

Japanese Americans; Japanese Internment Camps; Families; Psychological Resilience; World War II

Actor, author, director, and activist George Takei recalls his family’s resilience and ability to find joy, beauty, and love in simple treasures while imprisoned in Japanese internment camps in the 1940s. He notes that the humanities remind us that we are better than war and destruction and together are capable of bettering society.

To celebrate its 40th year anniversary of grant making, programming, and partnerships that connect Californians to each other, California Humanities invited a group of 40 prominent Californians to explore what the humanities mean to them. For more information visit California Humanities: We Are the Humanities.


History / Japanese Americans / Japanese Internment Camps / Families / Psychological Resilience / World War II /

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