Zsuzsanna Gulácsi, "Art and Religious Instruction in Late Ancient and Medieval Asia"

March 15, 2017

Zsuzsanna ​​Gulácsi
Zsuzsanna ​​Gulácsi, Northern Arizona University

Beyond their inspirational and devotional power, what other functions do religious works of art serve? From antiquity through the medieval period, ​​practitioners ​of many religious traditions ​throughout central Asia used ​works of art to teach​ followers religious histories, parables, and central tenets of their faith.​ How does this use inform our appreciation of these works and what can we learn from examining these religious practices?
​​Zsuzsanna ​​Gulácsi is professor of ​art history, Asian studies, and comparative religious studies at ​Northern Arizona University​. She has written extensively on art and religion across Asia in the late ancient and medieval periods. ​​Gulácsi was previously a Fellow at the Center in 2006–07 and has returned this year to work on a new project comparing the use of art by various religions in the region to attract and instruct converts.