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The Writing of History and the Study of Law

By Donald R. Kelley (NHC Fellow, 1984–85)

Historiography; Pedagogy; Legal History; Intellectual History

Brookfield, VT: Variorum, 1997

From the publisher’s description:

This second volume of essays by Professor Kelley takes the study of history as its starting point, then extends explorations into adjacent fields of legal, political, and social thought to confront some of the larger questions of the modern human sciences. The first group of papers examine the historiography of the Protestant Reformation and then of the Romantic and Victorian periods; the last section focuses on the legal tradition and its interpretation in relation to social and cultural, as well as historical thought, in the period from the Renaissance to the French Revolution. Throughout, the author’s interest is to analyse how people at different times have viewed their past - and reconstructed and utilised it in the service of their present concerns.

History / Law / Historiography / Pedagogy / Legal History / Intellectual History /

Kelley, Donald R. (NHC Fellow, 1984–85). The Writing of History and the Study of Law. Variorum Collected Studies Series. Brookfield, VT: Variorum, 1997.