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Selected Letters of Edmund Burke

By Edmund Burke
Translated by Harvey C. Mansfield, Jr. (NHC Fellow, 1981–82; 1982–83)

Political Philosophy; Politics; Correspondence; Conservatism; Writing Style; Edmund Burke

Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1984

From the publisher’s description:

Edmund Burke (1729-97) was a British statesman, a political philosopher, a literary critic, the grandfather of modern conservatism, and an elegant, prolific letter writer and prose stylist. His most important letters, filled with sparkling prose and profound insights, are gathered here for the first time in one volume. Arranged topically, the letters bring alive Burke's passionate views on such issues as party politics, reform and revolution, British relations with America, India, and Ireland, toleration and religion, and literary and philosophical concerns.

Philosophy / Literary Criticism / Political Philosophy / Politics / Correspondence / Conservatism / Writing Style / Edmund Burke /

Mansfield, Harvey C., Jr. (NHC Fellow, 1981–82; 1982–83), trans. Selected Letters of Edmund Burke, by Edmund Burke. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1984.