Work of the Fellows: Monographs;

Professional Ethics and Primary Care Medicine: Beyond Dilemmas and Decorum

Smith, Harmon L. (Fellow, 1982-83); Churchill, Larry R.

Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 1986

From the publisher's description:

This volume moves beyond ethics as problem-solving or ethics as etiquette to offer a look at ethics in primary care—as opposed to life-or-death—medical care. Professional Ethics and Primary Care Medicine deals with the ethics of routine, day-to-day encounters between doctors and patients. It probes beneath the hard decisions to look at the moral frameworks, habits of thought, and customs of practice that underlie choices. Harmon Smith and Larry Churchill argue that primary care, far from being merely a setting for the rendering of care, provides a new understanding of both physician and patient, and thereby offers a fresh basis for medical ethics.

Subjects: Medicine; Philosophy;; Medical Ethics; Physicians; Health Care;