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Principles of Law: A Normative Analysis

Edited by Michael D. Bayles (NHC Fellow, 1984–85)


Dordrecht, Netherlands: D. Reidel, 1987

From the publisher’s description:

During the last half of the twentieth century, legal philosophy (or legal theory or jurisprudence) has grown significantly. It is no longer the do­ main of a few isolated scholars in law and philosophy. Hundreds of scho­ lars from diverse fields attend international meetings on the subject. In some universities, large lecture courses of five hundred students or more study it. The primary aim of the Law and Philosophy Library is to present some of the best original work on legal philosophy from both the Anglo­ American and European traditions. Not only does it help make some of the best work available to an international audience, but it also en­ courages increased awareness of, and interaction between, the two major traditions. The primary focus is on full-length scholarly monographs, aIthouogh some eidted volumes of original papers are also included. The Library editors are assisted by an Editorial Advisory Board of inter­ nationally renowned scholars.

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Bayles, Michael D. (NHC Fellow, 1984–85), ed. Principles of Law: A Normative Analysis. Law and Philosophy Library. Dordrecht, Netherlands: D. Reidel, 1987.