Work of the Fellows: Monographs

Lyric in Its Times: Temporalities in Verse, Breath, and Stone

Wilkinson, John (Fellow, 2007-08)

London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2022

From the publisher's description:

In this important new intervention, leading poet and critic John Wilkinson explores the material life of the lyric poem. How does the lyric – considered as an object, as an event – grapple with permanence and impermanence, the rhythms of change and the passing of time? Drawing on new insights from contemporary philosophy and object-oriented ontology, psychoanalysis and the visual arts, The Lyric in Its Times includes innovative and insightful new readings of work by a wide range of lyric poets, from Shakespeare, Blake and Shelley to Charles Baudelaire, Frank O'Hara and J.H. Prynne.

Subjects: Literary Criticism; Literary Theory; Lyric Poetry; Metaphysics; Poetry; Psychoanalysis