Work of the Fellows: Fiction and Poetry; Translations

Lament for an African Pol

By Mongo Beti
Translated by Richard Bjornson (NHC Fellow, 1982–83)

Washington, D.C.: Three Continents Press, 1985

From the publisher’s description:

This is a sequel to Mongo Beti's Remember Ruben. It continues the story of the revolutionary partisan Mor-Zamba after the defeat of the Rubenists. The narrative argues that the mere granting of independence does not sweep away the consequences and corruptions that developed under colonialism.

Fiction and Poetry / Literature / Postcolonialism / Satire / Remember Ruben /

Bjornson, Richard (NHC Fellow, 1982–83), trans. Lament for an African Pol, by Mongo Beti. Washington, D.C.: Three Continents Press, 1985.