Work of the Fellows: Textbook

Freedom on My Mind: A History of African Americans, with Documents

Bay, Mia (Fellow, 2009-10); White, Deborah Gray; Martin, Waldo, Jr., ed.

Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martin's, 2022

From the publisher's description:

Freedom on My Mind is Bedford/St. Martin's African American history survey textbook that follows the tradition of Calloway's First Peoples and DuBois and Dumenil's Through Women's Eyes in combining historical narrative and primary sources in one book. Each chapter includes a document project based on a theme or event that challenges students to analyze the sources and consider them within the context of the history they just read. Authored by a team of respected historians and teachers, Freedom on My Mind presents African American history from the early slave trade in Africa through the present day and tells the African American story within the larger context of American History.

Subjects: History; African American History; Primary Sources