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Energy and American Values

By John Opie (NHC Fellow, 1980–81), Ian Barbour (NHC Fellow, 1980–81), Sanford A. Lakoff (NHC Fellow, 1980–81; 1981–82), and Harvey Brooks

Ethics; Energy Policies; Environmental Humanities; Energy Crisis

New York: Praeger, 1982

From the publisher’s description:

A multi-disciplinary team consisting of an engineer, a political scientist, an historian, and a professor of religion and physics view the question of energy and values from each other's perspective. The result is a synthesis of the team's views on all aspects of energy technology and how it affects human life in general as well as the lives of different classes and specific groups in our society. It begins with an historic overview of the way an abundance of energy has shaped America's use of it. It continues by considering the energy debate as a conflict between Jeffersonians who believe in decentralized, appropriate technology and the centralized, efficient technology of Hamiltonians. The authors wrestle with regional and geographical differences in energy resources, environmental impacts, and ethical problems.

Environment and Nature / Science / Ethics / Energy Policies / Environmental Humanities / Energy Crisis /

Opie, John (NHC Fellow, 1980–81), Ian Barbour (NHC Fellow, 1980–81), and Sanford A. Lakoff (NHC Fellow, 1980–81; 1981–82). Energy and American Values. By John Opie, Ian Barbour, Sanford A. Lakoff, and Harvey Brooks. New York: Praeger, 1982.