Work of the Fellows: Biographies

R. W. B. Lewis, Dante

Lewis, R. W. B. (Fellow, 1989-90; Fellow, 1998-99)

New York: Lipper/Viking, 2022

From the publisher's description:

An insightful biography of Florence's famous son. Acclaimed biographer R.W.B. Lewis traces the life and complex development--emotional, artistic, philosophical--of this supreme poet-historian. Here we meet the boy who first encounters the mythic Beatrice, the lyric poet obsessed with love and death, the grand master of dramatic narrative and allegory, and his monumental search for ultimate truth in The Divine Comedy. It is in this masterpiece of self-discovery and redemption that Lewis finds Dante's own autobiography, and the sum of all his shifting passions and epiphanies.

Subjects: History; Literature;; Italian Literature; Poetry; Lyric Poetry; Middle Ages;