Work of the Fellows: Edited Volumes

Call and Response: The Riverside Anthology of the African American Literary Tradition

Harris, Trudier (Fellow, 1996-97; Fellow, 2018-19); Hill, Patricia Liggins; Bell, Bernard W., ed.

Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1998

From the publisher's description:

More than a decade in the making, Call and Response is a ground-breaking anthology of African American literature, unique in its placing equal emphasis on the written and the oral dimensions of the black aesthetic. It traces the centuries-long emergence of this distinct literary tradition from its earliest roots in African proverbs, folktales, and chants to its latest flowering in the works of such writers as Rita Dove, August Wilson, and Terry McMillan. Here, in 2,000 pages and 550 selections, is (in the words of Richard Wright) the "long black song" of African American life, sung in a great choir of voices, from the slaves of the 1600s to the rap artists, orators, novelists, and poets of today.

Subjects: Literature;; African American Literature; History of Literature;