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Awful Splendour: A Fire History of Canada

By Stephen J. Pyne (NHC Fellow, 1979–80; 2002–03)

Fire; Wildfires; Environmental History; Ecology; Environmental Sociology; Natural Resource Management

Vancouver, Canada: UBC Press, 2007

From the publisher’s description:

Fire is a defining element in Canadian land and life. With few exceptions, Canada’s forests and prairies have evolved with fire. Its peoples have exploited fire and sought to protect themselves from its excesses, and since Confederation, the country has devised various institutions to connect fire and society. The choices Canadians have made says a great deal about their national character. Awful Splendour narrates the history of this grand saga. It will interest geographers, historians, and members of the fire community.

History / Environment and Nature / Fire / Wildfires / Environmental History / Ecology / Environmental Sociology / Natural Resource Management /

Pyne, Stephen J. (NHC Fellow, 1979–80; 2002–03). Awful Splendour: A Fire History of Canada. Nature | History | Society. Vancouver, Canada: UBC Press, 2007.