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National Humanities Center Internship Program West

July 8–12, 2019 at the San Diego State University Library Digital Humanities Center

Modeled on our Triangle University Internship Program (TUIP), the National Humanities Center Internship West offered an immersive week-long workshop to train twenty-four humanities graduate students to develop collaborative, public-facing, research-based humanities content using digital media.

San Diego State University

Participants convened during the summer of 2019 at San Diego State University to collectively build a five-episode podcast series addressing an emerging issue of public concern through the lens of humanistic expertise, to be broadcast August 2019 on a partnering public radio station. Participants were recruited from doctoral humanities programs in the western United States, especially those with expertise relevant to American communities of color.


The program sought to:

  • Advance the democratic commitments of the professional humanities by inculcating in emerging humanities scholars a sense of responsibility to the human experience of diverse American publics.
  • Foster new models of expertise that are responsive both to the traditional authority-based credentialing systems of the professional humanities and to the emerging concerns of university-based and public constituencies.
  • Grow capacity for collaborative—team, interdisciplinary, cross-university—scholarship.
  • Extend the potential of the professional humanities to curate archives of human experience in a way that adds depth and understanding to contemporary public affairs and cultural conversations.
Participants sought to:

  • Forge new intellectual connections between public life, humanities research, and responsive, digital media.
  • Deepen collaborative inquiry and project management skills.
  • Hone their ability to communicate humanities expertise in accessible and publicly-responsive formats.
  • Acquire conceptual and technical skills to create, revise, and publish broadcast-ready podcasts.
  • Develop skills and networks valuable within and beyond the university.

2019 Participants

  • Margherita Berti

    Margherita Berti

    The University of Arizona, Second Language Acquisition and Teaching

  • Debjani Dutta

    Debjani Dutta

    University of Southern California, Cinema and Media Studies

  • Jhonatan Henao-Muñoz

    Jhonatan Henao-Muñoz

    University of Arizona, Hispanic Linguistics

  • Christopher J. McGeorge

    Christopher J. McGeorge

    University of Southern California, Art History

  • Arina Melkozernova

    Arina Melkozernova

    Arizona State University, Comparative Culture and Language

  • Mohamed Moustafa

    Mohamed Moustafa

    University of Arizona, Middle Eastern and North African Studies

  • Stephanie Narrow

    Stephanie Narrow

    University of California, Irvine, History

  • Katerina Nemcova

    Katerina Nemcova

    University of Arizona, Communication

  • Sara Newsome

    Sara Newsome

    University of California, Irvine, East Asian Studies

  • Adrian I. P-Flores

    Adrian I. P-Flores

    The University of Arizona, Gender and Women’s Studies

  • Olivia Quintanilla

    Olivia Quintanilla

    University of California San Diego, Ethnic Studies

  • Brian Spivey

    Brian Spivey

    University of California, Irvine, History

  • K.T. Wong

    K.T. Wong

    University of California, Irvine, Visual Studies