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Responsible Artificial Intelligence Curriculum Design Project

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National Humanities Center Project for College/University Faculty

Artificial intelligence permeates our daily lives—in the ways we conduct business, govern, provide healthcare and security, and communicate. The large-scale cultural and societal implications of these changes—and the ethical questions they raise—pose a serious challenge as we embrace a future increasingly shaped by the implementation of artificial intelligence.

Inspired by recommendations that emerged from its 2021 conference, In Our Image: Artificial Intelligence and the Humanities, the NHC has developed a Responsible AI Project that engages university faculty from across the country to develop courses on the topic. Working with faculty from fifteen partnering institutions to develop innovative courses for undergraduates and graduate students over the past two years, the project is now helping students on their respective campuses think more deeply about the ethical issues surrounding AI. In the coming months, we will begin publishing open-access materials developed by the faculty cohorts on the NHC website where they will be available to help others draw on learning and resources generated during the first phase of the Responsible AI Project.

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Project Leaders

  • Artificial Intelligence; Higher Education; Curriculum

    Kim Roberts


  • Artificial Intelligence; Higher Education; Curriculum

    Katie Toothman

    Program Manager,

For more information, contact Don Solomon, director of communications.

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