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Water Rights and Land Access: Native American History Today

Standing Rock Protest
People protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline in 2016.

This course will address clear curricular gaps in Native American history with a focus on foodways and the loss of access to traditional fishing, hunting, and gathering areas; the historical loss of land and water rights through treaties and conflicts; and the loss of family lands for Native populations. Digital materials from the Library of Congress online collection will be featured prominently in each module with an emphasis on material culture and visual arts.

Professional Development Hours

Fall/Spring 6-week Course: 35
Summer 1-week Course: 25

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Fall 2021, Session 2: November 8–December 17
Spring 2022, Session 1: January 24–March 4
Spring 2022, Session 2: March 21–May 6

Sample Activities

  • Questions Worth Considering About Treaties
  • “Civilizing” Rhetoric
  • Digging in the Digital Archive
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