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Understanding the Literature, Art, and Religion of the Ming Dynasty

The Forbidden Palace in China
The Forbidden Palace, which served as the Imperial Palace during the Ming Dynasty.

In this inaugural offering of the Humanities in Class Mini Course series, participants will gain introductory knowledge of the Ming Dynasty, the fourth-longest of the Chinese dynasties.

The Ming Dynasty ruled from 1368 to 1644 CE and was well known for its trade with the west, as well as its drama, literature, art, and religion. Participants will engage with readily available online resources, digital collections, and archives that will build context for understanding this complex society. More specifically, the module explores issues of Chinese and European trade, women’s access to literature, differences between fine art and practical pieces, Ming Confucianism, and interactions with westerners like Matteo Ricci.

With customized scholarly vignettes and literary, artistic, and religious analyses embedded throughout, this training module will benefit teachers at all levels.

Sample Activities
  • Matteo Ricci Visits Ming China
  • Painting and Calligraphy as Fine Art
  • Wang Yangming and Confucianism
Professional Development Hours

Asynchronous mini course: 15

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