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“My Piece of the American Pie”: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary American Music

music and megaphone

This course celebrates the diversity of American music through explorations of subjects like Afrofuturism, modern protest music from the Black Lives Matter movement and the immigration crisis, as well as music from the perspective of women and the queer community. Course participants will explore issues of race, gender, and sexuality in twentieth- and twenty-first-century America as they also learn practical ways to bring discussions of music into their classrooms by analyzing textual, sonic, and visual content. “My Piece of the American Pie” will feature videos from the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation’s collaboration with the CNN Soundtracks series.

This course has been designed with the generous support of the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation.

Professional Development Hours

Fall/Spring six-week course: 35
Summer one-week course: 25

Register Now

Registration fee: $125
Fall Session 2: November 7–December 16, 2022
Spring Session 1: January 23–March 3, 2023

Sample Activities

  • Playlist: Fourth of July
  • Playlist: Women’s Empowerment Anthems
  • Playlist: Black Lives Matter
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