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Let’s Talk: Using the Humanities to Promote Civil Discourse in the Classroom

Female tutor leading discussion group amongst high school pupils

“Let’s Talk” provides disciplinary approaches to promoting civil discourse in the pre-collegiate course. Through this professional development course, teachers gain an understanding of the specific ways in which the humanities can open the conversation around civility and comity. The training draws from examples in history, philosophy, art history, literature, and politics. Teacher participants can create curricular connections and classroom activities that follow the same model.

This course has been designed with the generous support of the State of California.

Professional Development Hours: 35

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Registration fee: $125
Fall Session 2: November 7–December 16, 2022
Spring Session 1: January 23–March 3, 2023

Sample Activities

  • The Transformative Power of Dialogue
  • The Role of Humor in Civil Discourse
  • Teaching Difficult Topics and Creating Classroom Culture
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