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Critical Media Literacy: Decoding Disinformation and Myths in the News

In this updated six-week online course, educators will critically examine the ever-changing role of print, broadcast, and digital media through a humanities lens. Participants will investigate how mass media has evolved, how its messages shape our citizenry, and how the issue of disinformation can be brought to life in a classroom setting. By using investigation, analysis, discussion, and reflection, participants will develop a classroom resource customized to their individual educational environments.

Professional Development Hours

Fall/Spring six-week course: 35
Summer one-week course: 25

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Registration fee: $125
Fall Session 2: November 7–December 16, 2022
Spring Session 1: January 23–March 3, 2023

Sample Activities

  • Curating the News
  • Putting the Social in Social Media
  • Two Truths and a Lie
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