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Teacher of the Year: Virtual Screening and Discussion

Teacher of the Year is a film that reveals the complex reality of teaching in the twenty-first century. This documentary explores the forces that influence a teacher’s performance for the competing needs of multiple audiences — students, parents, administrators, other teachers, politicians, and the public at large.

Angie Scioli
Angie Scioli of Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, NC

The film emphasizes Angie Scioli’s work for these varied audiences, documenting her struggles and triumphs to be a successful teacher, activist, mother, and wife. Teacher of the Year also contends with the image of teachers shaped by seductive media experiences, ones that often reduce teachers to a simplistic dichotomy of good or bad. By demonstrating that teacher performance is difficult to quantify, this film dispels myths about teaching that may present a barrier to meaningful educational reform.

The National Humanities Center is proud to offer a special streaming and panel event focused on Teacher of the Year to explore the themes of humanities education and educators. More than a first-person look at the rewards and challenges of teaching, the film and discussion will ask us to consider the ways that our culture and media expect educators to be either “heroes” or “hacks” — and the struggle for our teachers to find the right balance in their lives.

Official Trailer

Streaming Event

We invite you to join us for a private showing of Teacher of the Year. Tickets will go on sale on June 1 for individual seats at this streaming event. You will receive a code that allows you to view the full-length documentary (90 minutes) through Vimeo streaming services during a 48-hour window from June 1 to August 2.

The National Humanities Center will broadcast a webinar panel discussion of the documentary on Wednesday, August 2, 2017, from 7:00–8:30pm EST. Our panelists will provide insights on the key themes of the film, and the film’s writers and directors will be on hand to answer questions.


  • Stacey Greer

    Stacey Greer

    Project Director, The History Project, University of California, Davis

  • Todd Wigginton

    Todd Wigginton

    Director of Instruction, Nashville City Schools; Board of Directors, National Council for History Education

  • Joe Schmidt

    Joe Schmidt

    Senior Instructional Specialist, Department of Social Studies, NYC Department of Education (New York, NY)

  • Fay Gore

    Fay Gore

    Section Chief for K-12 Social Studies, NC Department of Public Instruction

Purchasing Options

  • Individual Ticket: $5
    This allows for a single viewing in a 48-hour period as well as registration for a panel webinar discussion of key themes of the film.
  • Screening Ticket: $300
    This is a one time screening for a group of people watching in an auditorium or theater. This could be for a K–12 school, university, or any other institution or group.
  • Site License for University or Large School District: $400
    This grants the institution the right to use the film for educational purposes in classrooms or make it available in their library or digital collections.
  • Site License for K-12 School: $200
    Same rights as above, but only for a single school.

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