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What The Fact?!: Finding The Truth In All The Noise

Media Literacy; Digital Literacy; Information Literacy; Misinformation; Disinformation

Seema Yasmin (Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Stanford University)

April 9, 2024

Advisor: Changa Bey, NHC Teacher Advisory Council

“Fake news” is one of the most pressing and intractable problems of our times. But discussions about misinformation and disinformation often dwell in the problem space and perpetuate feelings of hopelessness and pessimism. In this evidence-based webinar, Dr. Seema Yasmin highlights the tools we can teach to equip young people with the skills needed to separate fact from fiction. Drawing from her book What the Fact?!, which is a solutions-oriented navigation guide for young people, Dr. Yasmin will tell the story of false information over the ages and show how learning the strategies used to manipulate and deceive can provide “mental immunity” against falling for lies.


Journalism and Communication / Education Studies / Media Literacy / Digital Literacy / Information Literacy / Misinformation / Disinformation /


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