Traveling Black: Race and Resistance on the Road, the Rails, and the Skyways | National Humanities Center

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Traveling Black: Race and Resistance on the Road, the Rails, and the Skyways

African American History; Discrimination; Racism; Racial Segregation; Travel

Mia Bay (NHC Fellow, 2009–10; Roy F. and Jeannette P. Nichols Chair in American History, Department of History, University of Pennsylvania)

February 23, 2023

Advisor: Aric Foster, NHC Teacher Advisory Council

This webinar will offer an overview of the African American experience on planes, trains, automobiles, and other forms of transportation from the antebellum era to the present day. It will look at the forms of segregation and racial discrimination that have often confronted Black travelers and explore the central role that resistance to travel restrictions has played in Black civil rights struggles.

Webinar Resources

Before the live webinar please be sure to review the available materials in the webinar resource folder. Use the code provided in your registration email to access these resources.

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History / African American History / Discrimination / Racism / Racial Segregation / Travel /