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The Strike: Rethinking Labor History in an Era of Economic Inequality

American History; Labor History; Labor Strikes; Labor Unions; Economic Inequality; Economic History

Erik Loomis (Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Department of History, University of Rhode Island)

September 1, 2022

The United States is presently seeing a surge in union activity at corporations such as Amazon, Starbucks, Apple, and REI, plus at universities and among teachers. Meanwhile, we are living in an era of unprecedented economic inequality and attacks on unions. Unionization rates are the lowest in a century. This webinar will help educators gain an understanding of US labor history, using the idea of the strike as a way to provide an entry point to students on this complex issue. By the end of the seminar, teachers will have a greater understanding of how workers fought for economic democracy through organizing strikes, how ideologies of race and gender often led to strikes that undermined solidarity in the working class through workers fighting for race and gender exclusive workplaces, and how we can explain to students the complexity of economic history through examining the strike.


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