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The Politics and Culture of Inequality since the 1970s

The Seventies; Inequality; Economic Inequality; American History; Political History

Jefferson Cowie (Professor of History, Vanderbilt University)

April 16, 2020

We live in a time of staggering economic equality. It shapes our politics, our culture, and our social relations. Yet it was not always this way. How did we get here? What historical issues drive the politics of inequality? How do questions of gender, race, immigration, and cultural values play a role? In this webinar, we will try to get to the bottom of these questions by looking at the variety of ideas that try to explain the rise of inequality, with a focus on the nature of American politics and political coalitions. The webinar will look to the culture and politics of the 1970s as the root of our own time, with an eye toward how the issues that emerged in that decade spilled forward to the present day. We will explore how our own time compares with other eras and give some consideration to what it means, as the political slogan goes, to “make America great again.”


Political Science / History / The Seventies / Inequality / Economic Inequality / American History / Political History /