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Telling the Army’s Story in the Classroom

Military History; American History; Primary Sources; Soldiers; Narrative

Karl Warner (Historian; Program Manager, United States Army Heritage and Education Center)

August 29, 2019

The U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center’s motto is “Telling the Army’s Story, One Soldier at a Time.” The U.S. Army’s history is NOT just military history – it is also social, political, medical, economic, and technological history, just to name a few. The USAHEC is the U.S. Army’s primary archives and conservation center for preserving our individual Soldier’s stories, making it the top resource for using Army primary sources in the classroom. This webinar will explore how the USAHEC’s primary source materials can fit into any history, social studies, civics, or STEM classroom. In addition, you will learn about professional development opportunities offered to teachers through the USAHEC.


History / Education Studies / Military History / American History / Primary Sources / Soldiers / Narrative /