Humanities in Class: Webinar Series

Teaching through Close Reading: Historical and Informational Texts

Lucinda H. MacKethan (Fellow, 1984–85)

January 10, 2013

The close reading of challenging primary documents is central to the Common Core State Standards, yet many teachers may be unfamiliar with close reading as an instructional practice. What is it? How does it facilitate the reading and understanding of diverse kinds of texts? How is it done? This seminar addresses those questions by analyzing historical documents and what the Standards call “informational texts,” including Common Core exemplar texts. Among other topics it examines how context, purpose, and point of view shape meaning; how an author structures a text and develops arguments; and how figurative language, strategic silences or gaps, and similar tools convey meaning.

History / Literary Criticism / Education Studies / Primary Sources / Pedagogy / Writing Style /