Pursuing Moby-Dick | National Humanities Center

Humanities in Class: Webinar Series, Beyond the Monograph

Pursuing Moby-Dick

American Literature; Novels

Timothy Marr (Fellow, 2013–14)

February 21, 2019

The influence of Melville’s iconic masterpiece permeates so broadly that critic Greil Marcus calls it “the sea we swim in.” Moby-Dick continues to reveal to generations of learners profound lessons about how fictional imagination is the foundation of Melville called the “great Art of Telling the Truth.” This webinar explores how the work’s varied quests for Melville’s white whale Moby Dick evoke readers’ encounters with Melville’s mighty book Moby-Dick. Together we will try multiple modes of inquiry to illuminate how Melville teaches students how to make sense and meaning out of Ishmael’s profound meditations on life.


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