#MeToo Movement in Historical Context | National Humanities Center

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#MeToo Movement in Historical Context

Feminism; Women's History; Racism; Sexism; Violence

Kimberly Hamlin (Professor of History, Miami University)

April 19, 2022

What role has sexual assault played in our nation’s history? From Pocahontas to enslavement to today? How have women fought to change behaviors, cultural norms, and public policies regarding sexual assault? Race, racism, and intersectionality will be key themes of this webinar because sexual violence has long been used as a tool of white supremacy and because women of color have often led the fight against harassment and assault. Based on Professor Kimberly Hamlin's #MeToo: A Cultural History course at Miami University, this webinar will provide historical context for the #MeToo Movement as well as suggestions for how to incorporate this material into both undergraduate and K-12 curriculum.


Gender and Sexuality / History / Education Studies / Feminism / Women's History / Racism / Sexism / Violence /


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