Humanities in Class: Webinar Series

#GoOpenHumanities: Celebrating Gender Voices in Stories, History, and Documents – By Invitation Only

Andrew Mink

Andy Mink (Vice President for Education Programs, National Humanities Center)

October 27, 2020

“To celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the 19th Amendment, this webinar will provide a hands-on introduction to resources that amplify women’s voices throughout history. Each segment will feature a HICDL Content Provider, who will curate and share OER materials for use throughout the humanities curriculum.

Lead experts include:

  • Schuyler Schuler of the New-York Historical Society will share resources from two new units of the Women & the American Story curriculum
  • Lisa Fink of the National Council for Teachers of English will explore resources in the Read, Write, Think archive
  • Karuna Sinha and Lyla Cerulli of Lupercal will share resources and approaches for elevating gender in Latin and the classics

This webinar is By Invitation Only and only educators associated by the Early Adopter School Network partners are eligible to participate. Use this link to become a cohort in the EASN.”

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