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A Conversation with Carolina Public Humanities’ Rachel Jones Schaevitz

September 28, 2017

Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 6:00 pm at the Durham Public Library, Southwest Regional Branch

How do scholars become fascinated by their subjects and what is it like when they make a new discovery? How does the process of research, analysis, writing, and teaching change their perspectives of the world?

Join Rachel Jones Schaevitz for a discussion of her work as a filmmaker and media researcher. She appears as part of the Conversations with Scholars series presented by the Southwest Regional branch of the Durham County Library and the National Humanities Center.

Rachel Jones Schaevitz
Rachel Jones Schaevitz
Rachel Jones Schaevitz is a filmmaker and scholar whose work focuses on using media and the humanities to enact social change. She earned her doctorate in media and communications from Temple University, where her research explored how moving images are capable of transcending differences in language and culture. She currently lives in Chapel Hill, where she teaches and works with Carolina Public Humanities, creating opportunities to share the work of humanists with the broader public.