Scholars at Risk

As part of its ongoing commitment to academic freedom and in response to a global refugee crisis, the National Humanities Center, in partnership with Duke University and the Institute of International Education’s Scholar Rescue Fund, is working to support threatened and displaced scholars.

The Center and its partners have launched a new initiative to fund at-risk and refugee scholars by providing them a haven to pursue their work in safety and in an environment designed to foster scholarly excellence.

Institute of International Education’s Scholar Rescue Fund

Scholars selected as a part of this program will be granted up to two years’ status as Visiting Scholars at Duke University and as Resident Associates at the Center, allowing them the opportunity to conduct their research and enjoy the benefits afforded other members of these scholarly communities. At the Center, these include the use of a dedicated study, access to Center facilities, weekday breakfasts and lunches, library service, and engagement with other leading scholars from around the world and across the humanities.

For the purposes of this program, “at-risk scholar” is defined as anyone who has left their home country or country of residence due to war, political persecution, or threat of persecution and who has not gained asylum or citizenship in another country.
Interested scholars are encouraged to apply directly to the Scholar Rescue Fund and may contact the NHC Scholarly Programs staff for more information.