Robert Newman, sixth director of the National Humanities Center

From the Director

Robert D. Newman Installed as President and Director of the National Humanities Center

October 22, 2015

At a celebration October 22, 2015, Robert D. Newman was installed as the sixth president and director of the National Humanities Center. In his inaugural remarks, Newman shared his vision for the Center as the premier destination for humanities scholars, a national leader in the effort to strengthen teaching, and a vital resource for all who seek greater understanding of themselves and the world in which they live.

“I believe that the National Humanities Center should be national, indeed international, in its reach and its involvement with crucial issues facing us as a people,” said Newman. “The humanities are central to learning and to life, and a center for advanced study is as necessary to their perpetuity as well-equipped laboratories are to the sciences or studios with good light are to artists.”

Newman was introduced to the audience by Joan Hinde Stewart, president of Hamilton College, who pointed to his energetic leadership and deep commitment to strengthening the humanities at every level and broadening their reach through interdisciplinary exchange and public engagement.

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