Teaching On the Human

The OpenSeminar On the Human is a repository of courses employing philosophical and scientific resources to help students deepen their understanding of the ways humans, animals, and machines are related. OSOTH‘s purpose is to assist instructors teaching classes in this area. We offer a model course (look for the section marked OPEN) that is the equivalent of a 3-credit undergraduate study program intended for use as a library by instructors in face-to-face settings. Independent viewers, however, may also work through the section at their own pace. Thanks to our sponsors there are no fees.

In Teaching Resources you will find insightful essays on pedagogy by instructors who have taught courses on the human. Look, for example, for Paul Gregory’s thoughts about his class, “Science, Nature, Self and Culture,” at Washington and Lee University.

The following essays were submitted by participants in a summer seminar, hosted by the National Humanities Center, titled “Human Nature: Ethical Implications of Biological, Cultural, and Technological Transformation.”

Note: If this is your first time visiting the On the Human website, it may be helpful to read the organizing statement.

“On Teaching Science, Nature, Self, and Culture,”
Paul Gregory, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Washington and Lee University

“On Teaching Human Nature,”
Scott Kimbrough, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Jacksonville University