Guiding Papers

The following papers represent a collection of ways to orient yourself in the study of human nature. Written by OTH contributors, the essays discuss philosophical, historical, and scientific issues surrounding the nature of selves–human and other.

Organizing On the Human

Science and the Theft of Humanity
Geoffrey G. Harpham

Dædalus issue

Daedalus summer 2009 issue

For the summer 2009 issue of Dædalus, the National Humanities Center and the American Academy of Arts & Sciences partnered to produce a collection of essays dedicated to the scholarly topic on which this website is premised: our deepening understanding of the meaning and significance of being human.

Contributors include Hilary Rose, Steven Rose, Michael S. Gazzaniga, Robert B. Pippin, Ian Hacking, Harriet Ritvo, Geoffrey Galt Harpham, Kwame Anthony Appiah, as well as Charles Darwin.

Read the Dædalus articles here.